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Tallarou C.
PhD Student
Supervisor : Pasadakis Nikos
Period : 2021 - today
Research Field : Environment,Chemical Engineering, Fossil Fuels

Short CV

Tallarou Chrysoula holds a BSc/Integrated Master in Mineral Resources Engineering from Technical University of Crete, Greece. Right now she is a PhD Candidate of the School of Mineral Resources Engineering in collaboration with the Institute of GeoEnergy/FORTH (PhD thesis: Development of CO2 capture technology from flue gases using gas hydrates).

Tallarou Chrysoula is interested in CO2 Capture Technologies from flue gases using hydrates. Thermodynamics of hydrates and specific conditions under which hydrates could be formed are of great importance for her study. An important aspect of her research is related with the promoters that will be used in order to reach lower pressures and achieve lower consumption of energy. Permeability, porosity measurements and wettability prediction and alteration are also in the field of her research.

Five awards of excellence were presented to her, one for each year of her studies and she graduated with the highest score in her undergraduate class. She has also been awarded with the ANEK lines award for her graduation scores. In addition, she won the second place at the Bachelor’s division of the 2021 SPE Europe Regional Paper Contest for her paper ‘Effect of the asphaltene precipitation and deposition on the relative permeability curves of Berea Sandstone’. The paper was part of her undergraduate thesis ‘Laboratory measurement of the effect of wettability of a porous rock on the water and oil relative permeability curves on reservoir rocks’.