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Dimitris Marinakis
Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, University of Western Macedonia
+30 246 106 8089

Short CV

Mr. Dimitris Marinakis holds an Assistant Professor position in Petroleum Production Engineering at the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia. He has worked in the past as a production engineer for a Greek Oil Refinery and for over 20 years as a teaching assistant in the Laboratory of PVT and core analysis in the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.

He holds a first degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, and a Master's degree in Techno-Economic Systems from the same Institution.  His PhD research is related to the formation and decomposition conditions for multicomponent natural gas hydrates hosted in subsea sediments of the bathypelagic zone.

His research interests focus on phase behavior and flow characteristics of reservoir fluids. He has a long-term expertise in the design of experimental setups and in conducting equilibrium and fluid flow measurements at reservoir conditions (high pressures and temperatures), as well as in the simulation of hydrocarbons fluid phase equilibrium through commercial software. Until today he has published 5 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 22 articles in international conferences, as well as 2 chapters in a professional guide of the Technical Chamber of Greece related to hydrocarbon production and oil refinery processes.

He is instructor for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Petroleum Reservoir and Production Engineering, and scientific supervisor in undergraduate and postgraduate theses related to the production and transportation of hydrocarbons.  

Research interests

  • Reservoir fluid phase behavior and PVT testing & simulation
  • Multiphase equilibria modelling (including cubic EoS models)
  • Core analysis
  • Multicomponent gas hydrates phase behavior (experimental studies & simulation)
  • Gas hydrates host formation properties (permeability, porosity, compressibility)
  • Water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsion stability and flow properties for the oil upstream and midstream sectors
  • Rheology of bentonite suspensions, oil well cements

Contact Details

Department of Mineral Resources Engineering,

School of Engineering

University of Western Macedonia

Koila, GR-50100, Kozani, GR.

Phone: +30 246 106 8089