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Affiliated Faculty
Professor, University of Ioannina (UoI), Greece
+30 2651008662
+30 2651008662

Short CV

Yiannis Deligiannakis is a Professor at the Department of Physics of University of Ioannina, Greece, head of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Materials and the Environment (

He is an elected Visiting Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich (

He has worked at the "Democritos" Research Center, Athens Greece, and at the Section de Bioenergetique Nuclear Research Center (CEA) of Saclay, Paris, France (

He has served as President-elect of the International Humic Substances Society (2018-2020). His research focuses on the development of new nanocatalysts at Industrial Scale, using Flame-Spray-Pyrolysis (FSP) technology and their applications in Green Environmental Technologies with emphasis on "Artificial Photosynthesis" production of H2 from H2O and the conversion of CO2 into next generation liquid fuels. In addition, his research includes understanding of the physicochemical basis of environmental behavior of new nanomaterials, understanding their environmental impacts and their life cycle.

He has published >230 research articles (h=46). He holds 35 Patents in applied materials technologies.