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Dr. Spyridon Bellas, Principal Researcher at the Institute of Petroleum Research (IPR), Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) was Invited speaker and participated at the Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week 2021, organized by IN-VR between January 19th and 21st of 2021. The given talk: “Energy vs. COVID-19, and Transition towards 2050; Effects, and the sustainable way forward” by Dr. Bellas, explained how COVID-19 changed and affected the Energy Industry and Oil&Gas consumption worldwide, lessons learned, and how Greece and the E&P industry reacted. Moreover, he provided a view on how we can meet the Energy Transition goals for 2050, noted open questions & some of the problems arising and discussed on how bridging of the fossil-fuels and RES could better work in the next decades, towards a zero-carbon era. Finally, he introduced IPR, providing a brief description of it, its structure, role, values and goals.