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Numerical Reservoir Modeling of High Enthalpy Geothermal Fields in Greece

Trimi P., Gaganis V., Stamataki S.

Ongoing research into geothermal energy sources in Greece has indicated various high enthalpy reservoirs that have not yet been exploited, although the Aegean Sea volcanic arc has proven to be of great potential. Nevertheless, the recent roadmap for the utilization of renewable resources suggests that within next decade, geothermal energy will provide 630 GWh of electric power annually. The development of the Milos field by 2025 is ongoing. Clearly, the need for expertise on the setup and utilization of geothermal numerical reservoir simulation models is major. In this work, we examine the capabilities of the two main options—distributed and lumped parameter models—for the mathematical description and optimization of geothermal energy fields. We investigate their applicability to the high enthalpy fields in Greece by treating history matching and energy extraction optimization. Additionally, we examine their contribution to field management aiming at minimizing the operating cost and environmental effects as well as ensuring sustainable energy production.

Materials Proceedings. 2021, 5(1)