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Pilot autonomous hybrid hydrogen refueling station utilizing a metal hydride compressor covering local transportation needs

Chalkiadakis N., Stubos A., Zoulias E., Stamatakis E.

The need for decreasing carbon emissions in the transportation sector in order to meet the targets of the European Union by 2030, inevitably leads to the large scale adoption of cleaner alternatives. Hydrogen fueled vehicles could possibly provide one such alternative, if we could assume that the necessary infrastructure would be widely available throughout Europe. Already, the European Union has committed to the construction of a significant number of Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) by year 2025 and in view of that, there is a need of developing suitable configurations for the production, compression, storage and dispensing of green hydrogen to hydrogen fueled vehicles. This work presents an autonomous hybrid system which produces green hydrogen by PV- powered water electrolysis (PEM), which is subsequently compressed by a novel metal hydride hydrogen compressor to pressures up to 200 bar. This pilot HRS will meet the daily demand of 2 scooters and a golf cart which have been transformed, in order for their electric motor to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a battery. An important element of the work which is presented, revolves around the integration of the metal hydride compressor with the rest of the system, and how this integration won’t hinder its functionality. The complete system design and layout is presented, while the results from the system operation could give a good idea regarding the optimal system sizing for similar large scale applications.

E3S Web of Conferences 334. 2022, 334