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Evaluation of Gas Generation Potential Using Thermal Maturity Modelling—The Katakolo Case: A Probable Pathway to Energy Transition

Makri V.I., Panagopoulos G., Nikolaou K., Bellas S., Pasadakis N.
Published December 10,2021

It is evident that the increased focus on energy transition, will increase the demand for gas as it is the transitional fuel to the net zero CO2 emission era. The West Katakolo field is the only oil and gas discovery in Western Greece, and it is operated by Energean. The three offshore West Katakolo wells have defined both the oil and the gas zones, while onshore exploration wells have penetrated biogenic gas-saturated Plio-Pleistocene sands. This study assesses the gas generation potential of the local Plio-Pleistocene and Triassic sources using thermal maturity modelling based on the available legacy data, with limitations being addressed by running several case-scenarios. In conclusion, this study supports the generation of thermogenic and biogenic gas from the Triassic and Plio-Pleistocene sources respectively, demonstrating the importance of maturity modelling in hydrocarbon exploration, applied on the Katakolo case; a potential gas source to facilitate the energy transition in Greece.

Materials Proceedings. 2021, 5(1):70