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pasadakis photo
Affiliated Faculty
Professor, Technical University of Crete
+30 2821037669
M1.006 Building Μ1 (MRED) Ground floor

Short CV

Nikos Pasadakis is a Professor at the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, Director of the post-graduate course “Petroleum Engineering” and Director of the research unit “Hydrocarbons Chemistry & Technology”. Since November 2019 he is the Director of the Institute of GeoEnergy (IG) [former Institute of Petroleum Research (IPR)] of FORTH.

He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering, on Chemical Technology of petroleum and natural gas and a PhD in Chemistry, from the Department of Organic Chemical Technology of the Technical University of Lvov, former USSR.

Prof. Pasadakis’ research work focuses on (1) instrumental analysis and characterization of conventional fossil and unconventional fuels, (2) chemometrics, data analysis and modelling of composition and properties of fossil fuels, and (3) petroleum geochemistry, applications in exploration, production and the environmental impact of fossil fuels exploitation.

He has published one book “Petroleum Geochemistry”, 60 papers in peer-reviewed international and 70 papers in refereed conferences.

He has taught the following academic courses: “Fossil Fuels”, “Unit Operations”, “Organic Geochemistry”, “Reservoir Engineering”, “Reservoir Exploitation” at the undergraduate level; and “Petroleum Chemistry and Geochemistry”, “Data analysis and modelling”, “Analysis and Characterization of petroleum fluids”, “Environmental technologies in hydrocarbons exploitation”, “Unit operations and processes” at the post-graduate level. He has also supervised 50 Diploma Theses and 25 Master Theses.